So, you're a copywriter?

First, let me start by saying that I can't answer any questions about copyright, intellectual property or that time when you breached it (let's say no more). I'm a copywriter, not a 'copyrighter'.

Cue blank stares. I know, I's confusing. I get that a lot.

Let me tell you what I can do.

The Little Copy Co is all about words. 

  • Writing them from scratch for your brand new website
  • Rearranging them so they flow in your marketing material
  • Making sure there aren't any glaring typos in that sales letter you're about to send out to 10,000 potential new customers.

In other words (no pun intended), I'm here to make you look good. 

The Little Copy Co was born from a desire to create genuinely meaningful content. Content that makes you happy and your customers happier.  

So, here's what's on offer:


'I need help from start to finish'

If you're looking for help writing your website, report, press release or marketing material from the bottom up, copywriting is what you're after. 

What does copywriting involve?

Copywriting involves me taking the time to learn about your business (and what products/services you want to promote), what makes you unique, who your target audience is and writing content designed to engage them. We'll work together to find your voice.


'I've written a draft...but it needs some help'

You know what your Unique Selling Position is and you've had a go at writing content for your project, but it needs a little something. That something might be the sparkle that comes from the editing process. 

What does editing involve?

Editing involves the careful review of your existing content to improve structure and flow. It brings copy to life and improves connection with your audience by making sure you have a consistent style and targeted content. 


'I just need one final review'

You've pretty much nailed it, but you've been looking at those words for days and they're all starting to blend together. Proofreading is what you need.

What does proofreading involve?

Proofreading involves someone with an experienced and critical eye giving your project a once over to ensure there aren't any spelling and grammar issues, or unseen typos. It's the final clean up before you hit the print, send or publish button. 

Three services with one purpose: to help you inform, engage and convert. 

Now it all makes sense, yeah? 

For a free quote or to discuss how The Little Copy Co can help with your project, contact me now. I'd love to hear from you.